Duane and Carol Perron did hobby antique carousel restorations till the 1970s when they formalized their pastime into a business. Now, a family owned and operated company, Historic Carousels, Inc. has a collection of over 20 antique carousels and over a thousand animal pieces. HCI is a leading carousel collector and restoration specialist with four operating Antique Carousels across the Pacific Coast.

HCI capitalizes on its personal preservation story and operating carousels to create media events that will gain local and national attention. We promote the developer as the community hero that saved an antique carousel from extinction. The developer becomes the reason the community can boast that it can enjoy one of the few remaining antique carousels.

Combining our 30-year history, location diversity, financial stability, long-term leases at high traffic locations, we continue to seek long-term leases to put antique carousels in operations. Our long-term leases help assure a development that it can count on a permanent carousel regardless of the development’s highs and lows.

Our antique carousels can replace old fountains, clocks, and other high maintenance, out-dated items which developers are trying to change without spending an enormous amount of capital. An antique carousel can be placed in common areas of developments utilizing usually dead space that offer little return. Historic carousels pay percentage rent which allows a return on space that usually cannot be leased.